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Making The Right Choice For Your Home

At CRS Home Improvements we have installed hundreds of windows and doors over the years. There are a number of options available to homeowners whether you want to base that choice on price, quality or eco-friendliness. If you are unsure what type of windows and doors are most appropriate for your house, we know which windows match your home and the best materials you can get for your money. All of our installations come with a ten-year guarantee – so in the rare case of a problem or issue – we will return to fix it at no extra cost.

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Uvpc and Aluminium windows in Suffolk




uPVC Windows & Doors

Modern & Long Lasting

uPVC windows are a great choice for those looking for windows that will last long into the future. uPVC windows are significantly cheaper than wood or metal, require a lot less maintenance and are great at reducing the impact of outside noise. There are a range of uPVC windows to choose from and many of them score highly for security and eco-friendliness. For those focusing on appearance, there are number of colours and styles to compliment your home.

Similarly, uPVC doors offer great durability for the cost. Often the cheapest form of doors, they are still good for offering insulation, low-maintenance and energy efficiency. Nowadays, uPVC have great customisation options, so you can alter the colour of your doors as well as the window panes. 


uPVC windows in Suffolk

   Great Insulation

   Energy Efficient 


  Low Maintenance 

  Highly Customisable 


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Composite Windows & Doors

Beautiful & Durable

Composite doors take the benefits of all materials and incorporate these into one great door. As a result, composite doors are excellent for insulation, durability and security. The one drawback of the doors is that they are relatively expensive in comparison to other door options.

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Why Choose Composite Windows and Doors?

Double The Life Span Of uPVC Windows

Fantastic Insulation 

Additional Security

Environmentally Friendly 

Fantastic, Marketing Leading Quality