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uPVC paint Spraying in Yorkshire and Lancashire


Give your House a Great Look at a Great Price

uPVC Spraying is a new and original way to give your house a fresh new look for a very low cost. Before uPVC spraying, the only way to refurbish your windows, doors and conservatories would be to completely replace them. Naturally, this is an expensive and time-draining experience. With uPVC spraying the existing windows, doors and conservatories are kept – but they are given a new lease of life with a fresh new uPVC coating. A uPVC spraying can make your home look brand new, colourful and renewed.

The length of the process all depends on the size of your house, but a uPVC can sometimes take just a day or two. In addition, the use of your current materials means that, uPVC spraying is a far more green-friendly way to renovate your home.

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uPVC Spraying in Lancashire  and Yorkshire



 The uPVC Spray Process

The uPVC spray process normally lasts a day or two and consists of a few simple steps.


uPVC Spraying in Lancashire  and Yorkshire 


 The first stage is to make sure the working area is clear and that all of your cherished possessions are covered or moved to a safe place. We will then make sure that all windows and doors are ready any minor damage that we can repair we will do so.



To ensure the spray is applied properly and will last long, it is vital that everything we spray is totally clean. We use specialised cleaning products to ensure that all dirt, grime and mould has been removed from your doors and windows.



Once everything is cleaned and ready, we carefully cover all materials that are not being sprayed. Anything not being sprayed is carefully covered with a protective sheet and tape.



When we spray, we meticulously apply a number of coats so that the paint has a long and healthy lifespan. We have completed uPVC spraying on a number of properties and know the perfect number of coats.


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When the spray is finished, the uPVC spray will dry very quickly. We will then ensure that both windows and doors look perfect before we remove the covering. Once, we know you are 100% happy we will pack away all materials, leaving no mess when we are done.

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 uPVC Spray your home for...


  • Cost – The greatest benefit of uPVC spraying is the price. uPVC spraying your windows and doors can sometimes work out 70% cheaper than replacing these parts of your home..
  • Convenience – Once you have settled on a colour, all you have to do is sit back and relax. We take care of everything from the cleaning to the preparation to the clearing away of all materials. After that, you are free to enjoy the new colours of your windows, doors or conservatory.
  • Choice – There are hundreds of colours for you to choose from. So, however you want your windows and doors to look, there is a colour for you. Also, if you decide next year that you want another colour – the low cost of uPVC spraying means you can simply get another colour sprayed onto your home.
  • Eco-friendliness – If you are concerned about your environmental impact – giving your current windows and doors a new lease of life through spraying is far greener than throwing them out and replacing them.
  • Minimal Disturbance – uPVC spraying normally takes only one to two days (depending on the size of your property) to finish. It is far less hassle than having to throw and replace your windows and doors.
  • Reliability – At CRS Home Improvements we offer 10 year guarantees on most of our services. In the rare case that something is wrong with our uPVC spraying – we will come back and fix it – at no cost to you.

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The Affordable Approach To Giving Your Home A New Lease Of Life!

Paint spraying and coating your uPVC windows and doors is a great way to customise
your home without replacing your windows and doors.

In fact it costs a fraction of the cost and the process is a lot less disruptive to your home! 


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