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If you are looking to add some significant value to your home or you want to create some extra space in your home, you may want to build a conservatory. Conservatories are great in the summer and can really compliment your existing property whatever the style. We have vast experience in building a number of conservatories over the years.

With our 10 year guarantees you can really trust us to create the perfect addition to your home. With most conservatory builds taking only 2 weeks, you can have a new addition to your home in no time at all.

We have a long history of building conservatories and of uPVC spraying in Yorkshire and Lancashire, so please get in touch for one of these services.

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uPVC Conservatories

Affordability & Durability

Like uPVC windows and doors, uPVC conservatories are a good choice for those looking for affordable conservatories. Now, uPVC conservatories can be customized in a number of ways and can even be given a wooden look if that is the style of the house. Maintaining this style of conservatory is easy and a uPVC conservatory has a reasonably long lifespan.

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Timber Conservatories

Affordability & Durability

The main benefit of having a timber conservatory is that it can be varnished or coated to perfectly match the connecting property. Timber is therefore a first-rate choice for more traditional homes. As long as the timber conservatory is adequately maintained, it will also last long into the future.

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uPVC Spraying in Lancashire  and Yorkshire




Conservatory Styles

Lean-To – The cheapest and most popular option, lean-to conservatories feature a sloping roof, so have the appearance of leaning onto the adjoining house. A great choice for those who want to maximise space.

Victorian – Victorian conservatories are a great addition and bring refinement to the property. Various styles of roofs can be incorporated into the design of the conservatory. Victorian conservatories often feature a small wall running across the base of the conservatory.

Georgian/Edwardian – Georgian conservatories are similar to Victorian builds in that they feature a small wall running across the front and sides of the structure. They are generally square or rectangular and usually built to match Georgian and Edwardian style properties.

Gable – These types of conservatories feature an upright roof in contrast to a sloping roof, which gives the impression of more space. These conservatories can be styled to match an array of properties.

P-Shaped – These conservatories tend to be a combination of a Victorian conservatory and a lean-to conservatory to create a P shape. The mixture of the two means that this is best suited to larger properties and brings a great deal of extra space to the home.

T-Shaped – T-Shaped conservatories are of course built in a T-shape and feature doors in the centre of the structure. A great addition for detached houses which feature a big garden.

Lantern Roof – A lantern roofed conservatory is where another roof sits atop the conservatory. This is an option only for the most luxurious and refined conservatory builds.



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uPVC Spraying

A Great Way to Spruce Up Your Conservatory

If your uPVC conservatory looks tired or you've simply become bored with the colour – you may want to give it a uPVC spray. A new and innovative way of painting your windows, doors and conservatories, uPVC spraying is an affordable and easy way to give your property a new lease of life.

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